Team lead

  | Copenhagen, Denmark


With a degree in Software Engineering, I first learned C and started developping in C++ on EDA[1] software. Hard work then moved me to Silicon Valley where I worked with both Java and Flex (ActionScript). It's in 2011 that Node.js appeared on my radar. since then, I have mostly been tuning both my leader skills as well as my architecture expertise since then, gradually perfecting the building of enterprise SaaS applications with a skilled team.


Team lead Portchain (Denmark) since Feb. 2017

I am currently leading the engineering team at Portchain to digitize the port-call process of container ships. This involved managing stakeholders, working closely with the Head of design and the Product Owners as well as being the technology leader of the company and the engineering team. In one year, this team pushed to production a fully functional platform that our clients use every day, as well as a cutting edge analytics platform for the maritime industry.

Team lead Nearform (Ireland) 3 years (from 2014)

As a consultant, I lead to success the delivery of 3 projects, with durations ranging from 6 to 18 months and brought ad-hoc expertise to other clients.
All solutions built were SaaS applications with a targeted user base starting from a few dozen users (executive financial dashboard) to tens of thousands (ERP for a global retail company).

Infrastructure Software Engineer Zendesk (Ireland) 6 months (from 2013)

In a reduced team, I helped stabilize and optimize Radar[2], a Redis based event bus. With websockets as its interface, it acted as Zendesk's core for chat and push notifications.
We supported and maintained a growing infrastructure of over 60000 concurrent users.

Co-founder (France) 2 years part-time (from 2011)

Development of, a continuous integration SaaS application specialized on node.js with advanced code metrics. The value added was absolutely no configuration. Point to the repository and tests are running, reports are generated. Technical challenges included automated and smart scaling (up and down) of AWS Virtual Machines when the build jobs were triggered. Security management needed solving as well because the system consisted in running untrusted code on our servers.

Senior Software Engineer ModelN (Redwood City & France) 4 years (from 2009)

From Java to Flex and then Node.js, I started as an intern, then worked my way up and led the backend implementation of the strategic cloud venture of the company.
This project was a configuration engine based on the RETE[3] algorithm and included writing a custom implementation for a 50x performance improvement over our previous version.


Software engineering degree ISEN-Toulon (France) graduated in 2009

Engineering degree (MSc equivalent) in Computer Science.
Learned advanced mathematics, electronics engineering, C, Java.

Side projects

elipsis online since 2014

I built which is an online password vault with symetric key encryption.
The project has been maintained since then and is actively used by half a dozen users.


pg-js is a Node.js library that builds javascript functions from postgreSQL queries. It removes the pain point of always having to build your DB layer and adds DB abstraction should you use a different DB in the future.


Serial is a Node.JS module to run a dynamic number of asynchronous functions in a concise fashion. It is an alternative to promises when you don't want to use them.